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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia


Georgian Diaspora in Uzbekistan


July 1994 Georgian Cultural Centre – “Megobroba” was established.

Chairman              - George. Amiranashvili 

                          Important activities:

2000                      September            Georgian Language Sunday School is opened, headed by Dina Zambakhidze.

(mainly specified on Georgian literacy, literature, Georgian history and Georgian folk arts.)

2006                      Georgian Language Sunday School is headed by Neli Andriasova, the Deputy Head of the Cultural Centre.


2006                      Children’s amateur dance company “Mziuri” is founded.


2009                      September Teacher of Georgian Language is Tsiala Sekhnianidze



Annual Activities:


·       Exhibitions of children’s paintings and fancy-work: “Georgian Fairy-tales and cartoons”, “Seasons”, “My Dear Mother” and “Peace”.

·       “Mziuri” Company takes part in Spring Festival “Novruz”, Independence Day of the Republic “Mustaqiliq”.

·       Inter-centre organizes Festival “Uzbekistan is our Home”; Festival Laureate Natela Kurtish.

·       Festival “National Traditions and Cuisine”.

·       Charity Dinner for Veterans.

·       Memorial Day.

·       International S.Gognadze and R.Rezvanov SAMBO Wrestling Tournament.

·       Independence Day of Georgia.




Prominent Representatives of Georgian Diaspora in Uzbekistan:


E.Rtveladze                          – Academic, Historian

R.Silagadze                           –Doctor

A.Dokhturashvili –2004 Athens Olympics Champion

T.Kuchukhidze                   –Hydro geologist

Z.Bakhtadze                        –International Master of Sports in JUDO and SAMBO

L.Tsintsadze                         –Teacher


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